An Extensive Rebranding Initiative

September 2021

In 20 Years, CALI has established itself as a company of excellence for professional lighting designers, architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners.

In our commitment to our customers, it is essential to listen, improve, and grow relationships.

As we embark on a new journey as ALUZ - our name represents our vision, our logo stands with the quality of our products, our website humanizes the user experience, and our product naming convention is unique and memorable.

ALUZ is further enhanced by its lighting luminaires manufactured in the US, meeting BUY AMERICA and BUY AMERICAN ACT compliance, backed by thorough testing, quality control, and builds on its two decades of innovation providing solutions to the lighting industry.

ALUZ president and CEO Jaime Nunez described the process behind the rebrand: "While the idea of moving on from our founding name was difficult to embrace at first, once our branding partners interviewed lighting professionals across the country, it became clear that this was the right decision.

We will always remain true to our California heritage, yet the opportunity to continue to expand our offerings in markets across the nation is exciting and ALUZ opens those doors. I'm thrilled for all our customers - long-time and brand new - to experience our reimagined website that simplifies the ordering process and spotlights our dedication to customer service."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is CALI still in business?

A: Yes, California Accent Lighting, Inc. (CALI) remains the corporate entity, DBA ALUZ.

Q: Was CALI purchased?

A: No, CALI remains the corporate entity with the same ownership.

Q: Was another entity, such as a private equity firm, involved in the change from CALI to ALUZ?

A: No, ownership remains unchanged from our founder and CEO Jaime Nunez.

Q: What will happen to CALI specifications?

A: We will continue to accept CALI specifications.