ZUVU Flush Wall Washer


ALUZ brings you the ZUVU Flush Wall Washer — designed for Mud-In Wall Washing applications.
With an integrated shield and variety of LED colors, ZUVU can be manufactured to your exact specifications.

General Features

Wall Washing, Grazer, or Direct View Lighting
Clear, 50% Semi-Frosted, or 100% Frosted
Optics & Asymmetric
15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 120°, or Asymmetric Optics
Built to Order (Shipped in assembled 8' segments)
Aluminum Extrusion
0.47 lbs per foot
Dry or Damp Location
UL1598, CSA C22.2#250.0
UL8750, CSA250
UL2108, 67.1.9, 60.4, CSA C22.2#9
Remote (Sold Separately)
Closet Rating
Up to 3.6 Watts per Foot Maximum
Temperature Ratings
Operating / Startup: -20° to 48°C (-4° to 120°F)
Storage: -40° to 76°C (-40° to 170°F)

Lamp Features

Lamp Type
High, Mid, or Standard Output LEDs (No Mercury)
High Output (HO) > 95
Mid Output (MO) > 90
Standard Output (SO) > 85
(Based on 35K CCT LED with Clear Lens)
127 Lumens per Watt (HO)
102 Lumens per Watt (MO)
97 Lumens per Watt (SO)


0-10V, Forward / Reverse Phase, Lutron, DMX, DALI
Maximum Run
(Class 2 Applications)
36' (1.5W, 2W), 28' (3W), 21' (4W),
17' (5W), 14' (6W), 10' (8W), 7' (12W)
Luminaire Voltage
120V - 277V (UNV)
120V (Lutron LTEA Only)

LED Color Options

color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch
color swatch

End Views

Beam Angles

120° x 120° Beam
Clear Lens (CL)
50% Semi-Frosted Lens (SF)
100% Frosted Lens (F)

45° x 60° Beam
Asymmetric Lens (ASM)

15° x 60° Beam
Optic Lens (15D)

30° x 60° Beam
Optic Lens (30D)

45° x 60° Beam
Optic Lens (45D)

60° x 60° Beam
Optic Lens (60D)


Clear Lens
Visible Diode Image

50% Semi-Frosted Lens
Slight Diode Image

100% Frosted Lens
No Diode Image: Line of Light

Optic Lens
(15D, 30, 45D, 60D)
Slight Diode Image

Asymmetric Lens
Slight Diode Image

End Caps

Left End Cap

Right End Cap

Mounting Accessories

180° Lock Bar